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 About Poultry Park.

"I well remember, when at the age of 10, the thrill I had going to the railway station to collect a box containing 12 Rhode Island Red day old chicks. I reared them in a cardboard box with an electric light bulb underneath (for heat) and a mop head hanging in the box (for comfort)

55 years later, my methods for rearing have changed, but I still get a thrill collecting a new laid egg, or hatching a chicken in the incubator. When I stop getting that thrill I'll pack it all in.
About 14 years ago, after a period of ill health my hobby became my full time occupation and Poultry Park was hatched.

  Our aim at Poultry Park is to produce a good quality bird, bred from utility strains, of traditional farmyard poultry. To this aim I have collected over the years, breeding birds that are true representatives of their breed in looks and have also retained the true productive qualities that are associated with each breed.

All the birds at Poultry Park are reared outside in grass runs in the traditional way and are fed on natural feedstuff's.We do not go in for the numbers game, where lots of breeds are kept. We do go in for selective quality in the few breeds that we do keep.

Chris Greenwood

Poultry Park: Oxenhall, Newent, Glos. GL18 1RW.
Tel: 07810 58 6247
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