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Poultry Park is the natural home of traditional utility breeds of chicken. We stock a wide variety of birds that are suitable for the home garden and smallholder alike. We also offer complete home kits that are ideal for children and beginners.

The birds at Poultry Park are kept under a strict health regime. The health of our birds is checked regularly by our Veterinary Surgeon. Vaccination and inoculation is provided where deemed necessary by the Veterinary Surgeon.

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Photograph: Bantam Wybars.

"This season will see the introduction of various types of bantams, an ideal start to chicken keeping".


The Orchard Range (Complete Kits)

 3ft x 3ft House with Bio Secure Run.
All Poultry Houses are available with or
without Live Birds.

   A Good Selection of Hybrid Chickens.     Opening Hours.     Join us on facebook.

Modern day hybrids based on traditional breeds of chicken.


Thursday & Friday 11am - 1pm
Saturday, Sunday 11am - 4pm

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.
(except by prior appointment)

Closed Bank Holiday Monday 29th August 2016.


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Young Chickens Available, contact Poultry Park for more information

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